(New) Augusta 109 Helicopter Simulator

Deeside Flight Simulators is proud to present:
Augusta 109 Helicopter Simulator.

We are proud to announce the completion of our Augusta 109 helicopter simulator at Deeside Flight Simulators Ltd.

It has a 220 degree surround curved screen, which gives the most immersive cockpit view of all with realistic earth scenery, 3d buildings and configurable weather conditions.

All aspects of the simulator are reproduced including full start-up and shut-down procedures.

At £50:00 per hour our helicopter simulator is competitively priced and aimed from the novice to expert flyers alike.

(New) Pre-Assessment Flight Courses

Deeside Simulators prepares you for your Airline Simulator Assessment in the Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A320 Flight simulator at our training centre in Ellesmere Port, close to Liverpool and Manchester Airport.

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We provide the highest quality of training prior for your airline assessment and are able to assist you in achieving your goals.
Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge and all are current Airline Captains.

Airbus A320 and Boeing 737-800 Simulator assessment préparation:

Cost: £284 (Full Brief / debriefs / x 2hrs sim)
(4hrs – £568) VAT inc

Flight Simulation Experience

Have you got a family member, friend or loved one who thinks that they can fly a Boeing 737?
This is the ideal gift for them! (Or you?).

This Simulation will suit anyone from having no experience at all to someone who knows how a plane flies; they will be under the guidance of a 1st Officer, who will assist them through the session.

After a briefing they will have a full 40 minutes in the Simulator, where they can carry out a takeoff from a local airport, followed by practice in basic manoeuvres, such as climbing, turns and descents.

Once familiar with the Simulator, it’s back to the airport for an all important safe landing!

Time: Briefing 10 minutes + 40 minutes in the Simulator.

Cost: £100.00 VAT inc

A Typical Day as an Airline Pilot

This Simulator experience takes one step further, is ideal for someone looking to get the feel of a typical day in the life of an Airline Pilot.

Under the guidance of a 1st Officer, you will be taken through a standard flight, starting with:
Checking the weather and flight plan for the route, enter the Simulator and set up the cockpit for the flight.
You will be using the same procedures and check lists as major airlines, and take the Simulator through: Start-up, Taxi, Takeoff, Departure, Cruise, Descent, Landing and shutdown.

Time: Briefing 10 minutes + 70 minutes in the Simulator.

Cost: £130.00 VAT inc

Combination Flight Experience

Looking for the whole experience? Then this Simulation will fulfil your needs.
This Simulation will include all of the above, coupled with a post training flight, simulating passengers loading onto the flight and destination to take them to.

Time: Briefing 10 minutes + 40 minutes training, then a further 60 minutes for the “sector”.
(“Sector”= a flight from one location to another i.e. Liverpool to Belfast).

Cost: £178.00 VAT inc

Flight Simulator Rental

Upcoming OPC, command course, wanting to just practice unusual situations?
Maybe show family & friends what you do for a day job?
Or just for a bit of fun?

For a fixed hourly rate, you can rent the simulator, with full choice over what you want to do.

– Worldwide Scenery
– Up to date FMC AIRAC database
– Operations department to assist with providing PLOG’s weather, load sheets etc.

You will have the choice of using your own check sheets EFB and documentation, or provided with the Simulator.
You can bring along up to 5 colleagues or friends to simulate a full multi-crew experience using SOP’s you are familiar with.You can have emergencies simulated; these can be set by the Simulator technician on request.

Cost: £100.00 per hour VAT inc

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